Final Fantasy XI: Latest Maps to help you win in Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI map shows you where logging points are at, spawning area of certain mobs and items, coffers and chest points, hidden areas and hidden zones to go to other areas. FFXI maps are easy to use and easy to understand and many maps are available for almost every area in the game. New ones are constantly are being updated and more spawn points are always added

Here is an example of FFXI Sub Jobs Final Fantasy XI Sub Job Information submitted by our community in the past. (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)

I was going to release this with my new program, but since it's needed now, here is the standalone program. Enjoy!

Use NPC Scanner instead of NPC.exe to find ID, Run MrArgus as normal

INITCODE = 12BBD0 <<< Changed on update
PCMAP = 3D09E0